Safety is an integral part of our mission and mandate. Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe will strive to provide continued safe airport operations by guaranteeing a clearly-defined level of safety which excludes all possible risks that may result in accidents and damage, by means of a pro-active, predictive, preventative approach to safety.

Through our Safety Management System, all airport personnel will receive safety training, to ensure compliance with national and international regulations applicable thereto.

Safety Management Systems

The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe has made it a culture of proactive safety management systems going beyond compliance with prescriptive legislation by adopting a systematic approach where potential risks are identified and managed to acceptable levels. As an aviation entity, we give utmost importance to safety which we have deliberately made an integral part of our mission and mandate.

We adopted the safety management system comprising of safety plans, safety performance indicators, safety targets and continuous monitoring to attain our safety objectives through risk management, safety assurance and safety promotion.

State Safety Program

As an ICAO contracting State, we have developed a State Safety Program meant to identify, monitor and maintain the effectiveness of all aviation safety
management systems within Zimbabwe. The basis of the program is strategically pinned on ICAO SARPS to ensure uniformity at a global stage through safety benchmarks and continual improvement by adhering to the principles of ethical governance to maintain and improve the travelling public’s trust in all our aviation activities.

Voluntary Incident Reporting

CAAZ has complied with ICAO Annex 13 to include a voluntary incident reporting system in addition to mandatory occurrence reports by introducing a just, non-punitive culture across all aviation entities as part of our risk management system through various fora including individual open or confidential reporting and Runway Safety Teams.


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