The Airworthiness section is responsible for ensuring that aircraft are accepted into the Zimbabwean regulatory system and maintained to appropriate safety standards. The section carries out the certification of aircraft and maintenance organisations and conducts the associated functional supervision as part of their continuing operation. The section drafts and prepares secondary legislation concerning airworthiness as well as various aeronautical notices and circulars that deal with airworthiness. The main functions of the section include:
  • Aircraft airworthiness and registration;
  • Certification of aircraft maintenance organisations;
  • Investigation of aircraft accidents and incidents;
  • Managing the aircraft register.
  • Maintaining a Technical Library


    Technical Library

    The Technical Library holds all the regulatory documentation including aircraft manuals; airworthiness information; ICAO documentation; Commercial books and magazines. Its mandate is to serve as a resource to the aviation industry by providing materials of quality, diversity, relevance, and balance that will promote the development of the industry. Documents that can be accessed in the Library include:
    • ICAO Documents – Annexes, circulars
    • Aircraft manuals and handbooks
    • Accidents/Incidents Reports
    • Links to Airworthiness Directives (ADs)
    • Local Inspectors Manuals
    • Technical Guidance Materials