Air Transport Development

Air Transport is responsible for the Economic Regulation of the Air Transport Industry.  The main objective of economic regulation in the air transport industry is to foster the sustainable development of an air transport system.  The general function of ATD in Zimbabwe is ‘to advise government on all domestic and international air transport policy and regulatory matters’. The specific functions of the Air Transport Division include the following:
  1. Fostering international air transport relations
    • Advising on bilateral air services agreement negotiations and air transport regulatory matters.
    • Acts as a focal point for air transport matters under the auspices of ICAO/SADC/COMESA/AFCAC so as to ensure harmonization of economic regulatory frameworks in line with regional and international objectives.
  1. Air Transport Authorisations
    • Advising government on the licensing of air operators (Air Service Permit).
    • Authorising foreign charter flights in accordance with national policy and the Air Service Regulations and continuous review of the same in line with the evolving environment. The objective is to facilitate air service provision, whilst ensuring complementarity between scheduled and non-scheduled operations.
    • Processing the authorisation of air carriers schedules, commercial arrangements such as code sharing, joint ventures and alliances to ensure operators comply with national policy and provisions of international agreements.
  1. Aviation Statistics and Economic Analysis
    • Production of air transport statistical reports and forecasts necessary to guide Government policy planning, infrastructure development and business decisions.
    • Conducting economic analysis and studies on issues affecting efficiency and viability of the industry with a view to advocate for appropriate policies, regulations and strategies.
    • Acts as the focal point for official aviation statistics in Zimbabwe. (click here to view the Statistics)
  1. Ratification of international treaties
    • Process ratification of international air transport treaties/ conventions/ agreements/ protocols sponsored by ICAO/ SADC/ COMESA/ AFCAC and other aviation related bodies.
    • Maintain a register of protocols, agreements, treaties, conventions and related.
  1. Coordinating air transport policy and regulation
    • Co-ordinating air transport policy and regulation with other public agencies such as those responsible for trade, tourism, immigration, taxation, etc, to facilitate air transport.
  1. Competition Regulation – Under development
    • Air Transport liberalisation brings with it heightened competition and consolidation which also comes with a higher risk of anti-competitive behaviour. Competition-related issues with the current setup are mostly being addressed through regulatory arrangements under bilateral air services agreements, agreed cooperation arrangements between States/regions for dealing with competition matters, and specific national competition laws.
  1. Consumer Protection – Under development
    • Entails developing and enforcing regulatory measures that address airline passenger issues such as denied boarding compensation; assistance to passengers in the event of delays and cancellation; price transparency; and access for disabled passengers.