The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe is responsible for providing regulatory, air navigation and airport services in Zimbabwe.

Quality is an integral part of the Authority`s promise to its customers. Our promise is, “Safety, Security, Quality and Efficiency”.

In pursuit of its vision, mission and shared values, the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe is committed to quality in accordance with the International Standard ISO 9001: 2015 as its vehicle of service delivery and undertakes to comply with applicable requirements and shall periodically review the quality management system for the purpose of continual improvement.

Management is committed to addressing the strategic issues facing the Authority to ensure the attainment of corporate objectives.

Resources will be allocated for the continued development of key competencies of internal expertise in order to consistently meet customer expectations and the changes in the aviation   industry.

This quality policy statement provides a framework for setting quality objectives at relevant functions, levels and for key processes.

Management shall ensure that this policy is shared, understood and applied throughout the organisation.