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Aviation Safety

Careers in this field include aerodrome engineering, aircraft engineering, personnel licensing, and flight operations.

The minimum requirements for typical occupations at entry level are indicated below:

Airworthiness Inspector

  • 5 Ordinary level passes, including Mathematics, Science and English.
  • Aircraft Engineering apprenticeship or equivalent.
  • Holder of an Aircraft Engineer's licence.


Flight Operations Inspector


  • 5 Ordinary Level passes, including Science, Mathematics and English.
  • Airline Transport Pilot`s Licence.
  • Current Instrument rating.
  • At least 2000 hours flying.
  • Assistant Instructor`s rating.


Licensing Officer


  • 5 Ordinary level passes, including English, Mathematics and Science.
  • Completion of a PPL Theory/Licensing Course.
  • Computer literate.

Aerodrome Inspector

  • Diploma in Civil Engineering or
  • ATC Licence or
  • Aviation Security Diploma or
  • Diploma in Fire Fighting

Ramp Safety Officer

  • Diploma in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
  • Certificate in Airside Safety


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