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Regulatory Service Fees
 1 For issue /Re issue/Renewal of(Aeroplane, Helicopter, Glider and Ballon):  
  a) Student Pilots Licence USD30
  b) Private Pilot USD50
  c) Commercial Pilot(for 1 year) USD90
  d) Airline Transport Pilot(for 1 year) USD100
  e) Administration fee for miscellaneous approvals USD100
   f) Radio License USD60
  g) Ground Instructor Licence USD100
  h) Licence cover USD38
  i) Repairman Licence USD100
  j) Urgent processing fee USD100
  k) Exemption Application Fee USD200
  l) Letter of confirmation of results/qualification/experience USD80
  m) Reactivation of archived files for lapsed licences USD50
   n)Grant of Exemption
   o)Flight Test Approval
   p)Reissue of an expired licence(additional to licence renewal fee)  USD30

a. i) Flight Instructor rating (for earoplanes/ helicopter)24 months

  b. i) Instrument rating USD40
  c.  Aircraft type ratings USD40
  d.  Verification of Zimbabwean Licence to foreign CAAs USD50
  e.  Night Ratings USD40
   f.  Upgrade of lapsed rating USD20
  g.  Designated Examiner’s rating USD150
   h. Instructor Authorization for Synthetic Flight Flight Training/Simulator
 3.1   For Validation/Conversion of (for Zimbabwean citizens only):
  a)  Private Pilot license (approved courses only) USD60
  b)  Commercial pilot license USD100
  c)  Airline Transport Pilot license USD120
  d)  AME USD80
  e) Flight Engineer USD60
  f)  ATC/Flight Dispatcher USD60
  g) Multi-crew pilot license                                                                                                             USD60
  h)  Cabin Crew USD60
  i)  Assessment of documents USD30
  j)  Medicals USD20
  k)  verification of documents USD30
 3.2  For Validation/Conversion of  (for non-citizens)
  a)  Private Pilot license USD   200
  b)  Commercial pilot license USD   400
  c)  Airline Transport Pilot license USD   600
  d) AME USD   400
  e) Flight Engineer USD   400
  f)  ATC Licence/Flight Dispatcher USD   150
  g)  Assessment of documents USD   100
  h)  verification of documents USD   100
  i) Dispatcher USD   200
  j)  Cabin Crew USD   200
  k) Any ratings USD   100



Flight Safety Standard Fees

The Aeronautical Information Circular AIC              


 The Integrated Aeronautical Information Package(IAIP)
   USD 90
 Annual Subscription
    USD 60


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