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Training Services

Aviation security training


CAAZ has capability to offer the following aviation courses:

  1. 123 Basic and Advanced for airport security personnel.
  2. Cargo Security for cargo handlers.
  3. Supervisors Training.
  4. X-Ray Screening Proficiency.
  5. Security Awareness.
  6. Crisis Management.
  7. Seminars on Operator's Security Programmes.

Air traffic control training

CAAZ has capability to offer the following ATC courses:

  1. ATC Ab Initio / ATC Assistant course.
  2. Basic ATC Aerodrome and Approach non-radar course.
  3. Area non-radar course.
  4. Approach radar course.
  5. Area radar course.
  6. ATC refresher Aerodrome, Approach and Area course.
  7. Reduced Vertical Separation Minima course.
  8. On-Job-Training Instructor course.

CAAZ can offer Air Traffic Control training from the introductory level to the advanced radar level.

A state of the art radar simulator is available in the training centre which offers a smooth transition

from the school to the operational environment. The training is in line with ICAO Annex 1

Personnel licensing training requirements.


The following subjects are also offered:

  1. Air Law
  2. General Knowledge
  3. Navigation
  4. Air Traffic Control Procedures
  5. Human Performance
  6. Aviation Meteorology
  7. Communication Procedures

International Computer Driver Licence Training

CAAZ runs a training and testing centre for the International Computer Driver Licence (ICDL), which is approved by the Computer Society of Zimbabwe. The Center has a spacious air conditioned training room, multimedia LCD projectors, networked PC with Internet, updateable anti-virus software and Interactive Active Lite Computer-based training software to augment tutorials.


The trainers are certified and the centre guarantees a 1:1 student computer ratio.The Centre also offers Online ICDL Examinations as well as FREE online assessment test for each examination written.




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